In the fall of 2000 we purchased 20 tons of exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from a friend’s Napa Valley vineyard without a specific plan for the grapes.  All we knew at the time was it was great fruit from a trusted friend.  Because the particular vineyard did not have a name, one of the cellar hands, who also works from time to time in the vineyards, chose to label the barrels 'Twenty Bench'. The name was chosen to signify the 20 tons of fruit from the gentle rising bench land vineyard from which they were picked.


Setting out to create a Cabernet from California that over-delivers on the quality and price is difficult these days but Twenty Bench remains the stand out.  With this 18th vintage of Twenty Bench, Chris and Elijah feel they’ve got a good idea of what their fans like: bold fruit balanced with mellow tannins and bright acidity.  Great enjoying on its own or with a savory dish, Twenty Bench will delivery at a price point that won’t break the bank.



Chris Nickolopoulos and Elijah Pfister




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